The HACCP Awareness Training course from ensure uae is a four hours course, in the course section included a coffee break and question and answer session at the end. The course is presented in English.

Certification: Approved Certificate of Attendance will be provided to all the attendees.

Course details

    • A Brief over look on principles of Food Safety
    • Introduction to About HACCP
    • Pre requisite Programs for HACCP Programme
    • Assemble and train a Multi disciplinary HACCP team
    • Product/Process Description
    • Identify the Intended Use
    • Construct a Flow Diagram
    • Onsite Verification of the Flow Diagram
  1. Points 1: Conduct a Hazard Analysis
  2. Points 2: Determine Critical Control Points
  3. Points 3: Establish Critical Limits
  4. Points 4: Establish Monitoring Procedures
  5. Points 5: Establish Corrective Actions
  6. Points 6: Establish Verification Procedures
  7. Points 7: Establish Documentation and Record Keeping Question and Answers.
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